09 aug 2021

Essay: Tyranny goes viral

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Een Engelstalige versie van mijn eerder in het Nederlands uitgevoerde literatuurstudie rond “corona” (hier en hier terug te vinden).

(Deze paper van prof.em. Frank van Dun, laureaat Prijs voor de Vrijheid 2013 en lid van de Libera!-adviesraad, werd begin augustus 2021 online gepubliceerd.)

“This paper is a summary (with some minor additions and updates) of my text, in Dutch, on “Corona! The Age of insanity, arbitrariness, terror and tyranny”, which is a record of things I learned from reading the scientific literature about viruses, epidemics, facemasks and vaccines as well as reports on the policy measures of the authorities in their “War on The Virus”, especially in the West. I worked on that text from March 2020 to April 2021, updating it almost daily. By then, it was abundantly clear to me that “the virus” was a subterfuge for various political, corporate and ideological interests rather than a serious pubic-health threat.” (Frank van Dun, July 2021)

Download hier in PDF de Engelse paper van Frank van Dun